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Standing Obeytion Is A Full-Service Dog Center! We Offer Training, Light Grooming, Boarding, And Doggie Daycare!

Standing Obeytion is a dog’s Paradise! We are full service! We provide everything your pup needs to be clean, happy, and healthy! We offer training by Brandon Gerhardt and Michael Miller from Standing Obeytion Dog Training! We have boarding to fit every pup’s needs. We have large suite rooms to give your dog plenty of space and privacy from other dogs; we also have large kennels where they can be near other dogs but still have plenty of room and comfort. Don’t like to leave your pup at home while you go to work all day? No problem! We have doggie daycare! Bring your pup during the day to socialize with other dogs and learn doggie manners while you are at work! The Standing Obeytion has everything you need to pamper and take care of your furry loved ones!

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We Proudly Partner With K9s For Camo!

Our mission at K9s For Camo is to provide service dogs to veterans in need at no cost, but as important, to also provide a framework within which both dogs and veterans are trained to work together as effective teams.

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We empower and support our veterans by providing service dogs to mitigate the effects of PTSD, as well as to assist with a wide range of physical challenges.

We not only save dogs’ lives, but we also give them a new path in life. They, in turn, inspire and empower those they touch along their K9s For Camo journey.

Our OCC trainers gain marketable occupational experience, as well as develop life skills that enable them to choose better paths for their future.